White Papers

Executive Overview of Phoenix Strategies, LLC
A 5 page PDF file which outlines the essential services and processes.
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White Paper on Strategic Evaluation
Position paper describing the importance of starting with Strategy as a framework for a sustainable, competitive outsourcing effort. We define Strategic Evaluation & Management.
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What Outsourcing Is and Is Not
Colorful charts and cogent definitions help 'locate' what Outsourcing is and is not. In this paper we discuss Core Competency evaluation and the relationship to business models potentially used in Outsourcing.
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Partnership Selection Process
A more detailed look at examples of the type of approach used to understand "where in the world" and "who in the world" you should Outsource with.
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Brief on Post Partnership Selection Services
Congratulations, you now have a multi-country, multi-lingual, multi-cultural business model that is not subject to your direct control! Oh, and did we mention the time zone differences and the fact it is a 32 hour commute away?
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Glossary of Terms
Web page with linked definitions of terms.
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Case Studies
A selection of Case Studies and success stories.
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