Visual Resume: Josepf Haslam, CEO, Phoenix Strategies, LLC.


Designed developed and taught a "Managing Winning Proposals" course for the newly created Advanced Composites group. Conceptualized and implemented an entire computing architecture to support the process of developing bids and then managing programs. Our Team won several significant bids including a $98.9 million DARPA stealth submarine contract. The Proposal generation process, a combination of course work, training, and computer architecture increased speed, quality, graphical content and drove creation time for Government proposals down by 1000%.


Promoted to this role to define and implement Distributed Computing or Work Group technologies. Created the White Paper that defined DuPont's global data and tele-communications architecture, which was implemented in 1992 and is still in full use today. The architecture allowed DuPont to save 100's of millions of dollars of investment in diverse technologies. Integration drove overall business productivity and allowed for the first true file sharing and e-mailing of documents.

Represented DuPont to several Standards bodies for Distributed Computing Environment, such as OSF (Open Software Foundation). Designed and implemented the world's first global Appletalk network integrated with both Novell and Pathworks. Implemented the first X.400 e-mail system within DuPont and lead training and development of managers in the effective use of the system and document attachments.


Accepted a promotion to financially manage a $280 million dollar global turnover, 10% after tax margin business. Management involved P&L, cash, and investment responsibilities. In this role implemented activity based cost (ABC) processes and systems to drive segment profitability and accountability. Maintained 8% ATOI margins in very tough environment while sister businesses lost money. Spearheaded three new consumer product business opportunities generating $5 million revenue in 1 year.

Focused workgroup technologies on Supply Chain work processes to improve plant capacity by 18% and reduce transaction costs by 50%. Transaction costs were decreased through design and implementation of executive information systems and data warehouses. Sum of new system improvements allowed the business to operate with 40% less working capital than historical practices. Developed 3 year plan to fully integrate all Supply Chain systems and reduce costs while increasing effectiveness.


Promoted to this position to drive increased optimization of existing operations while building and developing alternative product sources. Supply Chain optimization involved reducing working capital by 36%, international freight costs by 50%, overflow warehousing costs by 30%, while increasing customer satisfaction from 93% to 98% and plant yields from 91% to 97%. Also developed and implemented several data warehouse initiatives to consolidate and quickly disseminate critical business information.



Wrote a business plan and White Paper to radically transform the existing business model including 100% outsourcing of production. Was promoted to this role to develop, lead, and implement the Outsourcing model. Effort resulted in reduction of USD 44Million fixed costs within 6 months and a turnaround of $131 Million 5 year NPV. The business was simultaneously being merged with other Textile businesses within DuPont and role migrated to Operations Sourcing Manager title.


Promoted to this position to develop and implement the new Outsourcing business model for the new $7.7Bn business unit. Simultaneously shutdown certain internal operations while negotiating outsourced production and developing management control systems for outsourcing.

Concurrently served as President & Chairman of the Board: DuPont Apparel & Textile Traders, Inc. Implemented and presided over a trading company designed to maximize profitability and streamline operations in Asia. Responsibilities involved finance, administration, distribution & logistics, info systems, design of business processes, and new product creation. The new company increased profitability 38% (sustainably) in it first month of operations. Optimization of work flow and processes improved variable costs by another 30% within one year.


Conceptualized and created a global alliance of key companies: integrating science, technology, branding, marketing, and manufacturing. Continued to refine all of the supporting processes and methodologies required to Strategically Outsource. Integrated several disparate internal processes and organizations into a cohesive approach for evaluation and implementation of 'External Operations' of any type.


As CEO of Phoenix Strategies Syndicate focused on helping American companies Outsource Internationally. Extending winning methodologies developed at DuPont to jump start several pharmaceutical and chemical projects. While serving this market segment an old friend convinced me to help him and other Small Business Owners improve thier lives. I quickly became hooked and migrate my business model to Small Business Consulting.

Phoenix Strategies Small Business Consulting

As CEO and chief consultant, significantly enhance any client's potential Business Development efforts by applying extensive experience, proven methodologies and a flexible, scaleable network of experts to drive implementation of Strategic Objectives.

Business Development is a type of business war. You need a warlord who knows the territory that you are about to enter. Someone who has the battle scars to prove it and who can minimize or eliminate the number of scars you get in the process. Engaging an experienced business advisor who understands your goals and objectives and can help you realize them is critical for your success. Call me today! 484-639-9789