Selected Highlights

With Invista, drove expanded use of Outsourcing across core businesses and for new product developments placing $500M turnover into model within 2 years realizing up to a 38% after tax return. Negotiated significant economic incentives with Singapore Government to manage foreign tax burdens and develop local professional talent.

With DTI, delivered a $44 Million, (an $131M 5 yr NPC turnaround), recurring savings through conceiving and implementing a Manufacturing Outsourcing strategy. Production move was completed on time and under budget by 20%, with all identified products being successfully developed at alternative suppliers.

As Global Supply Chain Manager & CFO, permanently decreased overall working capital by 36% by streamlining the supply chain and realizing efficiencies in production planning, inventory management, improved planning and procurement of raw materials.

As CFO & Info Systems Manager, saved $25,000,000.00 by eliminating proposed IT spending, utilizing the re-engineering wave with both internal and external consultants, to unify disparate work streams and broker a leveraged solution.

As Strategist, led in the development of, as well as designed and installed the world's first Global Macintosh computer network, (co-developed with Apple and DEC). Result: People within the organization could quickly and effectively share compound, complex information, and creation time for Government proposals were reduced by 1000%.