Experienced Business Coaching

Combined with creativity and insight, Phoenix Strategies' mission is to use proven methodologies to help organizations reach new heights. With over 29 years experience, we pride ourselves on providing innovative solutions that give companies the knowledge and power to overcome any challenge.

We provide expert advice in a diverse array of areas including financing, business planning, sales and marketing, mergers/ acquisitions, operational improvements, human resources and the like. Whether your company needs an expansion plan, a Sales Force Compensation Plan, a technology strategy, or even up-dated administrative systems -- we can help.

Working together, we will develop a strategy (Business-GPS) that improves your bottom-line performance and let's you focus on the passion and energy that will help your business flourish.

We do more than coach!

Coach, Consultant, Advisor?  We do more. We roll up our sleeves and jump right in to the mix with you. Need someone by your side?  Call us now!

Google Voice and your Business???

Do you NEED Google Voice?  If you do not even know what Google Voice is? Then WAKE UP!!! Seriously, call me and let's chat. Google Voice is NOT for many businesses -- findout today:  Call my Google Voice # 484-639-9789.